Low Rider 'Tilt' Transportor
Setting a NEW standard
as the ULTIMATE single-rail
'Big-Bike' Transportor!
This great looking Low Rider is designed exclusively 
for the ultimate in ease of transporting the big road bikes!

Shown with optional front stone guard.

Front wheel 'grip' holds bike vertical while

rider dismounts and attaches tie-downs.

In the travel position, your bike rides along the highway only 10" from the ground.  This low ride is achieved by a wheel channel 'split' near the Low Rider's axle.  This design allows the transportor's suspension (axle) to travel up past the bike's wheel base.
The ultimate in ease for one person to load and unload a big road bike is accomplished by the locking 'Tilt' feature which permits the wheel channel to be lowered to ground level.
As Easy As...
• Release locking-tilt feature and             lower ramp to ground.
• Drive bike 'up' (only 10 degree             angle).
• Attach tie-down straps after bike           ramp returns to level position             and 'locks'.

Foot rails permit easy 'walk-up' while loading.

     • Front Stone Guard
     • Wheel Covers
     • Chrome Wheel Upgrade
     • Tie-Down Straps
     • Nylon Tie-Down Belts
     Main Cradle/Frame:  11ga., 1-1/2" x 3" steel box tube, formed & welded.
     Tongue:  11ga., 2" x 2" steel box tube, formed, 2" ball coupler, safety chains.
     Overall width: 71" (fender to fender).  Main Frame width:  48".
     Overall length:  145".  Bike channel length:  105" (split at Low Rider's axle).  Rail width:  6".  Cedar foot rails.
     Electrical:  4-wire harness, flat-4 connector.  
     Wheels:  13", 5-lug.  Wheel base:  63".  Fenders:  10" x 30" with inner 'splash' skirt.
     Suspension:  leaf, 2000 lb gross capacity.  High speed tapered roller bearings.  'Sure-Lube' bearing feature (permits
          greasing without disassembling bearings).  Bearings shipped fully lubricated.
     Shipped as kit.  Light assembly required  (no cutting, no welding).