Frequently Asked Questions

1.  When will my trailer be ready?

Production times vary according to the model of trailer you have ordered, colors, options, etc.

At the time your order was taken, you should have been asked "When would you like to receive it?"  We do our best to meet your delivery schedule but sometimes circumstances beyond our control prevent that from happening (backorders from our suppliers, shipping delays, strikes, etc).  Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to meet your deadline.

If you ordered an Aspen Camper, production schedules are determined on a weekly basis for the trailers being produced that week.  As soon as your order is placed on the production schedule, you will receive a call with an estimated shipping date or to schedule a date for you to pick up your camper at our location.  If you have a specific date in mind that you would like to receive your camper, please let us know that as soon as possible so we can work your order into the schedule.

2.  If shipped, where will my trailer be delivered?

Most trailers are too heavy to be unloaded from a truck without the help of a loading dock or forklift.  Therefore, when we take your order, we will ask you:  "Do you have a commercial location that the trailer can ship to with a loading dock or a forklift?"  If not, the trailer will ship to the nearest shipping terminal (which is determined by our shipping company).​  In some areas, a residential delivery with a lift gate truck is possible, however, an additional fee would be charged.  

3.  I'm picking my trailer up at the factory - where?

If you ordered an Aspen Camper, most of our pickups are done at our final assembly location, Nuko Industries, which is located at 568 W. Main St., El Paso, IL 61738.  Our Map & Directions page on this website has more information on this location, including a few hotels and campgrounds in the area if you are looking for a place to stay when you come in.  In some cases, pickups may be done at a different location but that would be discussed with you prior to your pickup date.

Pickup locations are as follows for cargo and/or transport trailer orders:

Kendon Transport Trailer - Anaheim, CA

Low Rider Tilt Transport Trailer - Nappanee, IN or Wood Dale, IL

CM1000, 2000, 2000LTD, XL, ION, Blade, Egg, Dart or Zephyr - Elkhart, IN

Arizona - Wood Dale, IL

BackPacker - Nappanee, IN or Wood Dale, IL

4.  How will my trailer ship?

All trailers are shipped by common carrier.

5.  How much will it cost to ship my trailer?

Please refer to our Price List for Prep, Pallet & Packing Charges which may be due for each trailer.  In addition, shipping costs will be determined by your location.  A shipping quote will be obtained after you place an order and you will be notified of the shipping costs prior to production.

6.  How will I license and title my trailer?

Aspen Campers purchased by Illinois customers will be licensed and titled through Trailmaster.  Cargo or transport trailers purchased by Illinois customers and all trailers purchased by out-of-state customers will receive the Invoice and Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) and will handle licensing and registration in their own state.  Illinois customers will be charged sales tax at time of order.  Out-of-state customers will pay sales tax, if applicable, in their own state at the time of registration.

7.  How do I make final payment?

Final payment can be made by personal check, cashier's check, cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.  When picking up on a weekend, we do ask that credit card payments be phoned in prior to your pickup so that paperwork can be complete when you pick up your trailer.  Credit card payments for final balance may incur a nominal surcharge.

8.  Can I pick up on a Saturday?

Weekend camper pickups are possible by appointment as long as we have someone in town available to meet you.

9.  Will you install my hitch, wiring, etc., when I pick up my trailer?

No.  All wiring, hitch installation, etc., must be done prior to pickup.  Our manufacturing plant builds trailers. Our employees are not mechanics and are not licensed or insured to work on your vehicle.  Please call if you have a question on the type of wiring prior to pickup.

10.  What are the bed sizes in the campers?

Our Aspen BaseCamp has a SINGLE bed that measures 6' wide x 3.5' long/deep.

Our Aspen Sentry has a QUEEN bed that measures 5' wide x 7' long/deep.

Our Aspen Classic has a KING bed that measures 6' wide x 7' long/deep.

11.  How much weight will the campers hold?

The bed boards in all of our campers​ are rated at 600 lbs though early testing showed that they could handle up to 1000 lbs before bending.

The Dexter Axle Torflex suspension on all Aspen Campers is rated at 800 lbs.

12.  Will you ship my trailer to Canada?

We have found over the years that the most economical and least paper intensive way to deliver our trailers to Canadian customers is to ship them to the closet s​hopping terminal to the border on the U.S. side and have the customer come down and handle all customs paperwork, taxes, etc.  If your location is not convenient for this, special arrangements can be made.  Our trailers meet all Canadian DOT requirements.  If the trailer is shipping, your paperwork will arrive PRIOR to your leaving to pick up the trailer.  Canadian orders receive an Invoice, Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) and a Letter of No Recall Clearance.