Aspen Sentry - Photos & Features

Camp Set-Up and Queen-Size Comfort ' moments!'

Sentry– an Aspen 'Classic' in a smaller model!

In today's world of 'Advertising & Marketing', Sentry could be referred to as... the biggest little camper– priced right, or '...the biggest bang for the buck!'  Yes, you can always find something costing a bit less, but you won't find the Aspen engineering, feature package and product quality of Sentry.

Sentry sets the standard for today's SUB-COMPACT campers– room to spare, but engineered with special attention to a down-sized silhouette.

On the road, this little beauty's 41" wheel base sports a compact cargo package measuring only 47" x 60".  Narrow styling and all-rounded features provide maximum wind-slip.  Sentry's triangulated tongue design, straight-line full perimeter frame, independent Dexter Torflex suspension and 12" wheels all combine to return a GREAT RIDE!  An Aspen Camper means the 'ULTIMATE' in the amount of window screening per square foot of tenting.  Sentry's large side windows, 48" rear window and 50" doorway all total 78 sq. ft. of screening for GREAT cross-ventilation– 'just-the-ticket' on those hot summer nights.  78 sq. ft. of screening means– a tiny package with a mighty BIG view!

Queen-Size comfort– NOW!

Rugged construction designed, engineered and detailed for FAST camp set-up!  Simply remove the travel cover and lower the corner jack stands; lower the rear bed board, then extend the two telescopic tent bows– 'that's it!'  Sentry's queen-size (60" x 90"), soft-foam mattress rests above a 22 cu. ft. cargo bay and the 25 sq. ft. 'front room' folds out in only moments!  'Telescopic bed-to-ground support' assists in leveling the bed on uneven terrain.

22 cu. ft. of useable cargo space– and all cargo is concealed from view and accessible with a simple LIFT of the large cargo access panel beneath the front mattress.  YES– 'concealed' cargo!  As in the Aspen Classic, since the camper portion sits 'on-top' of the cargo body, not one square inch of cargo space is taken-up by any bed or tenting.  Yes, cargo is always accessible– during set-up, or while 'on-the-road!'

On the backroads through the 'twisties' or at highway speed– Sentry handles superbly.

Sentry's center ceiling height is 80" tall and the 'Front Room' provides a spacious area for those camping EXTRAS.  A convenient, zippered Velcro panel in the side tent wall permits access to a tongue-mounted cooler or can serve as a convenient point to bring-in AC power if available.  Velcro flaps above the doorway and all windows for optional canopy and awnings.  2" Velcro runners along both front wall corners provide a flush fit for the optional 'DEN' or Screen Room.

All tent bows are made of galvanized steel and are internally mounted for fast and EASY set-up.  Quality hand-laid fiberglass body construction means uniform quality, great strength, smooth finish (including interior surface) – great product quality!  Dual-zippered entrance may be opened from either left side, right side or 'rolled-up' completely. Tenting is available in a variety of attractive solid and color combinations.

Sentry– a member of the Aspen family; engineered for the most discriminate buyer!  This little beauty boasts many of the same quality features made famous by Aspen engineering:

     • Hand lay-up, chopped, single-piece fiberglass body construction, in choice of Gloss Black, Winter White or Dove Grey.  Smooth finish (both exterior and interior).

     • Tenting available in Hunter Green/Light Grey, Federal Blue/Light Grey, Burgundy/Light Grey, Orange/Black and Camouflage.  Rugged nylon, UV stabilized and urethane-backed for maximum watershed.

     • Velcro flaps above doorway and all windows for optional Canopy, Party Deck and window awnings.  Velcro runners along front wall provide a flush fit to the optional DEN or Screen Room (Add-A-Room).

     • 'Pan-Rolled' floor (no seams touch the ground).

     • Dual-zipped split side windows provide maximum ventilation.

     • Rear-Zippered Window with privacy panel– provides for ease and convenience in adjusting  blankets and 'making-up-the-bed'.

     • Extra-wide doorway, and all windows include screens with dual-zipped storm panels.  All zippers are accessible from inside and the doorway storm panel can also serve as a Sun Canopy.

     • Double-hinged bedboard design permits easy access to the full cargo bay 'while-on-the-road' without unpacking the camper!  Telescopic bed-to-ground support assists in leveling the bed on uneven ground.

     • Two-way locking cargo bay, and a six (6) conductor wiring harness that includes an extra lead for possible options such as brakes or other 12 volt accessories.

     • Independent Dexter Torflex suspension with high-speed roller bearings, 5-lug hubs and 12" wheels.  41" wheel-track.

     • Full-Perimeter 1" x 2" Steel Box Tube Main Frame with removable 2" x 2" box tongue (all in black powder-coat).  Four (4) adjustable stabilizer jack stands and 1-7/8" ball coupler with safety chains.

     • Lighting includes two (2) amber front side markers, surface-mounted license lamp with license holder and two (2) recessed red tail lights with turn signals.  ALL LED.  Wiring incorporates a six (6) lead wire harness with independent runs for Running, L-Turn, R-Turn, Brake, Ground and a sixth lead for accessories as required. Trailer plug is an industry standard 6-way barrel connector.

     • Low Profile Dimensions:  In closed position  (on the highway) 46" wide x 60" body length plus 36" tongue.  Height:  36".  In open position:  60" wide x 146" deep (bed & 'Front' room).

Sentry brings you dependable quality, engineering excellence and the top most-wanted features in a Sub-Compact camper.  A few Sentry 'Options' include... adjustable Cooler Rack, Chrome Lighter, Reflector Bar, Bed Caddy, Swivel Coupler, Sun/Rain Canopy, Party Deck, Screen Room, Den, Chrome or Aluminum Wheels, Privacy Skirt, Window Awnings, Vinyl Window Kit and MORE!

Aspen SENTRY – 'Engineering Excellence!'