Aspen Classic - A Brief History

While vacationing in Portugal in the '70's, Mr. Dal Allison of Systems Sports, Inc., met an older gentleman who was hand-building and selling a collapsible tent designed to mount on an automobile's roof rack; and during this same time period, Trailmaster Inc., was manufacturing and marketing it's first motorcycle trailer on a national basis.

In the early '80's, Gary Cooper of Trailmaster met Allison and began assisting him in marketing his new product idea that he brought back from Portugal - Dal named it the "TopBunk", but after nearly two years of sales efforts, it became apparent that the camping public in the U.S. just wasn't ready to accept the concept of climbing to their auto's roof for a night's sleep.

In 1984, Cooper suggested mounting Dal's TopBunk to a small trailer body.  Cooper named it the Bunkhouse and began targeting sales to the motorcycle market.  Many changes were implemented in the camper over the following years.

In 1999, Cooper teamed-up with Nuko Industries (manufacturer of Aspen campers), to

introduce the Aspen Classic.  This camper now includes a host of all new features and options.  A few of these items included:

     • Fiberglass Body for the ultimate in strength, precision tolerances

       and surface finish.  Hand lay-up, chopped fiberglass.

     • Enlarged Front Living Room – nearly 6 ft. sq. with 'pan-rolled'

       floor (all seams turned 8" up off the wet ground!)

     • Basement Level added to cargo body (utilizing space between

       main frame & highway).

     • Larger Screened Windows for maximum "breeze-flow"!  Dual-

       zipped with single piece 'V-Peak' design for the most versatile


     • Window Canopies created for all sides (no ground stakes or

       guidelines required).  

     • Forward vertical wall incorporates 2 (w) x 6' (h) Velcro runner

       strips along outward vertical seams for a precision fit of the

       (optional) 30 sq. ft. Den.

     • Spring-Loaded Rear Roof Bow for proper water shed over rear

        zippered window (kicks back wall on 'outward' pitch).

     • One-piece 'seamless' heavyweight vinyl roof.

     • Telescopic Bed-to-Ground Supports to maintain level sleeping surface.  

     • Straight-Line Main Frame for maximum strength (no cuts or 'steps' in tongue).

     • All telescopic tent bows located INSIDE the tent for ease of one person set-up, and superior performance in strong side      


     • Internal aluminum 'arched' roof struts that simply 'snap' into place – which joins all tent bows into a 'rigid' frame 


     • 12" wheels, impressive 9" turn signals, 2-way locking cargo bay and suspension upgrade (to accept electric brakes)

... all stock features – just to name a few!

If you believe there's a better

'Lightweight' than Aspen –

please let us know.  We would enjoy

pointing out the differences!


Aspen® – Engineering Excellence