Aspen BaseCamp - Photos & Features

Aspen brings you the best buy in the lightweight market!

For those who travel solo and are looking for the lightest, easiest to set up and the roomiest one-person camper– Aspen introduces our newest model in the line... BaseCamp.

BaseCamp is built on the Aspen Classic platform.  Four (4) adjustable corner jack stands for maximum stability, 6-conductor wiring harness, 9-lamp LED lighting package, gas cargo access lifts, 2-way locking cargo bay, independent sport fenders, Dexter Torflex suspension with high-speed bearings and 12" wheels are also included as standard features.

Aspen Campers by Nuko Industries brings you a rugged, full-perimeter frame, combined with the finest running gear and suspension available.  Strength where it counts– a design that leads the field when compared to any other camper in the sub-compact market.  Our impressive 1" x 2", 'straight-line' steel box tube frame is triangulated at the 2" box tongue for maximum strength.




Aspen BaseCamp's body construction takes the lead in fiberglass work for superior strength, smooth finish (inside & out), and great-looking appearance– your choice of Gloss Black, Winter White or Dove Grey.

Easy and convenient cargo access after camp set-up is a great feature of BaseCamp, thanks to the double-hinged bed board design.  A full-width concealed cargo door beneath the mattress provides immediate access to the entire cargo bay during camp set-up and a zippered Velcro panel in the front tent wall above the trailer tongue provides convenient cooler access from inside the camper.

Ceiling measures 7-1/2 ft in height at center, and the spacious 'front room' adds nearly 36 sq. ft. of floor space (approx. 6' x 6') – ample room for a table and chairs and plenty of space to make every travel experience a touring pleasure.  Entire floor is 'pan-rolled' (seams rise 8" above the damp ground).

Narrow styling, all-rounded features for maximum wind slip, superior construction and plenty of always useable cargo space (25 cu. ft.) combine for the roomiest one-person camper on the market!  Superb handling at highway speeds, the majority of BaseCamp's weight hugs the ground which means a low center of gravity = great ride!

Our quality tenting construction incorporates a rugged, fire-retardant, UV stabilized nylon, urethane-backed for maximum water protection and custom dyed in a variety of colors.  Dual-zipped storm panels are included on all screened windows and all zippers are operated from inside the camper.

Zippered Lawn Chair/Storage Pocket (standard) is velcro-flapped and concealed beneath the surface of the travel cover for a clean appearance and maximum 'wind-slip'.

The tent/roof bows are made of galvanized steel and 'arched' for improved water shed.  Attention to detail is given to every aspect of production– no short-cuts to save costs.  All folding roof bows are located inside the tent for improved performance in strong winds.

Camp set-up in only moments!

A single bunk measuring 6' wide x 47" deep, a 6' square front/living room and 25 cu. ft. of cargo space including a lower BASEMENT level of cargo riding below the main frame.  Lots of room for a spare tire, tools and those seldom used items that you may want to take with, but never seem to have the room.  

Aspen BaseCamp's front entrance may be opened from either left or right side, or opened entirely to provide the effect of 'sitting outside– without being outside!'  Lift the front storm panel over the entrance and 'presto' – instant canopy over the doorway (an Aspen standard feature)!

ASPEN BASECAMP – designed for the solo traveler looking for the lightest, easiest to set up and the roomiest one-person camper.  Superb handling, superior construction and engineered for camp set-up at an absolute minimum! You no longer have to buy more than you want or need or settle for less quality and features– thanks to Aspen! 

No ropes, no additional poles, no stakes or guidelines to set up Aspen BaseCamp– nothing in the independent cargo bay has to be moved to set up camp.  Simply remove the waterproof travel cover, extend the two front telescopic bed bows and step inside to raise the peak bow and 'That's it– you're done!'  You have just set up camp in only moments! Designed for the fastest camp set-up possible!